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We are always looking for new members to join our family of passionately prefessional business people. We’d love to see you on the team.

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It’s great to get together with other business owners and professionals who work in a variety of different businesses and provide insight into what is happening in the economy and how that impacts our local businesses.

Craig Isaacs

I enjoy the comradery of the group. It is always a pleasure to talk everyone and get to know each other. It’s great to get to know everyone on a personal level and not just the business side.

Jon Usvathongkul

What I love most about our BNI group is being around successful people who I consider friends. Every experience i’ve gone through and ever need I have in my business can be addressed (with love) by anyone in our group.

Cady Marsh

BNI meets weekly so the advantage is you get to know your chapters members quite well. They are top of mind so it is much easier for you to refer one another as you continually learn about them. They become trusted,  lifelong business networking people and often some of your closest friends.

Dr. Christina Alba

BNI has allowed me to grow my business as well as myself.  I am far more comfortable giving presentations and making pitches to larger groups. I credit that to my friends at Diablo Networking Circle and how they are loved and supported me over the years.

David Shirley

What I like most about BNI is the relationships I make with the members and getting to know ways on how I can refer them. BNI is a consistent way in developing good quality business clientele within my organization!

Daniel Sweeney

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We meet from Noon to 1:30 every Thursday.

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