I’m not much of a morning person, I would usually like to spend a little extra time in bed curled up under my cozy comforter.  But, for great food and friends?  I make an exception.  With a smaller group from our BNI chapter, the conversations are more casual but intimate and still purposeful for learning from each others’ experiences, both personal and professional.  While savoring the delectable French toast with blueberry sauce, I learned significantly more about my fellow members’ businesses than I normally would simply through a one-to-one.  Especially since it just so happened that most of the people that came were part of the Home Services and Contractors group of our chapter, and I myself was from the Health and Wellness group.  It was like taking a glimpse into their natural work life which you don’t always see during the chapter meetings or during feature presentations.

Stephanie Stoltenberg OTR/L, CEAS I, REAS I